Casement Windows

The classic European profiles offer unique design flexibility to enhance any architectural style and will stand the test of time. You can customize the casement window to be used individually or in combination with different styles such as top Hung, Tilt & Turn and French windows.

Key Features

  • Allow maximum light into your rooms
  • Energy efficient - can help reduce your heating bills
  • Secure - shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles and toughened glass
  • Effective noise reduction - cutting down sounds from outside
  • Added heat retention with double & triple glazing

More Casement Window configurations

Colour Options

  • We also make windows with a foil coated profile in different colours or good grain patterns.
  • Foiling of profiles can be on the outside or on the inside of the window.

Glass Options


A variety of glazing is available for various requirements:

  • Toughened glass: Adds additional strength to large sizes
  • Reflective glass: Reduces the glare
  • Laminated glass: Reduces the sound of the outside world from intruding
  • Double glazed units: Available in combination of glass types to give you the best of all worlds and reduce your electricity bills

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