Patio & Bi-Fold Doors

Our Bi-Fold doors smoothly merges the boundaries of home spaces with outdoors. It creates wide space when opened and brings fresh air and natural light to the inside space. Bi-Fold doors are ideal for home spaces such as verandas, gardens and more or expanding a room into adjoining interior areas.

Each uPVC Patio & Bi-Fold door is crafted with your choice of frame colour, glass type and hardware configuration.

Key Features

  • Flexible to open from the left, right or middle and make them inward or outward folding
  • Allows maximum light into your rooms, garden and other spaces
  • Provides a clear and unobstructed view with maximum use of glass

More Patio & Bi-Fold Doors configurations:

Colour Options

  • We also make windows with a foil coated profile in different colours or good grain patterns.
  • Foiling of profiles can be on the outside or on the inside of the window.

Glass Options


A variety of glazing is available for various requirements:

  • Toughened glass: Adds additional strength to large sizes
  • Reflective glass: Reduces the glare
  • Laminated glass: Reduces the sound of the outside world from intruding
  • Double glazed units: Available in combination of glass types to give you the best of all worlds and reduce your electricity bills

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